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CBD and Coronavirus

CBD and Coronavirus

CBD and Coronavirus

A question we have been getting a lot lately is about CBD and coronavirus. People want to know if CBD may affect the contraction or recovery from coronavirus. In a pandemic environment, this is a logical question that we aim to answer.

People are wondering if CBD can help boost the immune system against getting COVID-19 in the first place, and if you do get it, can CBD help patients recover more quickly? Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, should people worry about it given the recent warnings about ibuprofen (also an anti-inflammatory) use with Coronavirus?

All great questions.

CBD and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are no known studies showing that CBD has any effect on the coronavirus. All across social media, some CBD companies are claiming wild immunity boosts with CBD. Some are even claiming immunity against all viruses, including CBD and Coronavirus.

The short answer to this is simple. Coronavirus is a BRAND NEW, never-seen-before virus. So, any claims by any company pushing any product are patently false and should be taken lightly. This is because there is little information about Coronavirus as a whole, let alone the long-term effects of any therapy on the virus. It is irresponsible and downright bogus to claim otherwise. As a nation, we are all scared of this unknown virus, and adding false-claims for miracle cures does nothing to help that.

There are real-world, clinically studied positive results for many ailments by using CBD. CBD and Coronavirus effects simply are not yet known at this time.

Plant medicines like CBD do so many amazing things that there is no need to stretch the truth or make claims that cannot be backed up, at least not currently.

So, how can we support our immune systems?

Probably the best way we can support our immunity is avoiding alcohol, staying active while we stay home and taking up a simple relaxation or meditation practice to decrease stress hormones. Eating a diet rich in micronutrients, zinc, vitamin C, flavonoids, and getting good sleep are all good things to start now if you haven’t already.

If you are currently using CBD to help with symptom-relief and have found success with it, we presently have no reason to believe that it will have any negative effect on getting or recovering from Coronavirus. Having said that, purchasing CBD specifically to combat Coronavirus has no known correlation at this time. In other words, continued administration of your successful use of CBD should be fine, but we aren’t suggesting you purchase CBD specifically in an effort to treat Coronavirus, as it is not known yet if there are any specific Coronavirus treatment properties with CBD. Only time will tell as studies on Coronavirus persist.

Even if you do everything ‘right’ you may still end up getting coronavirus, but the good news is that most people not in high risk groups will have a mild illness course and recoup at home. Some carriers may not even have any symptoms at all or even know they had it, which is why social distancing is so important, since asymptomatic transmission rates are thought to be quite high with coronavirus.

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